About 'You Me & Stories'

You Me & Stories was started on 19th July 2015 because I was currently writing (and publishing) Untitled Series (an online novel) on Straight from the Heart and I did not want to break the continuity with other short stories. A promise was made to the readers that one story would be published per day on You Me & Stories; a promise which I managed to keep for one month - 19th July 2015 to 19th August 2015. Then, I decided to publish one story per week; which, then turned to one story per fortnight. 
Soon, due to many reasons (including writers block due to loss of confidence in writing) I could not keep that promise and blank posts at fortnight's intervals were (still are) published on You Me & Stories. 

I published stories in intervals trying to clear the backlog, which resulted in some confusing linking of the story posts (as - in continuation stories) for e.g. a series started as Story 86 and then continued as Story 84 and ended in Story 83. Another confusing linking is of Story 76, which is sequel to Story 70, also Story 81, which is in continuation of Story 78 etc. 

Recently, I compiled all the stories into a book and the ebook version was made available for free download during the lockdown. There are paperback and hardcover versions as well, which I had kept private for myself but making it available for the public for those who want to read offline, carry around all the published stories of You Me & Stories with them wherever they go. Since this book will always be "work in progress" the reader will receive latest updated copy of the book. Click here to view the book details and order. The story-linking pattern of the website reflects in the book as well but I have tried my best to make the navigation easier.

Presently, I am trying (once again) to clear the backlog by publishing stories in the blank posts (links to those posts are available in sidebar under the 'List of updated stories'. Hopefully, I will soon be able to clear the entire backlog and continue with the ongoing series on You Me & Stories.
Encouraging words from readers can make a world of difference to a writer.   
- Arti Honrao

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