Story 1

She could see it in his eyes, rising like wild fire; his desire to touch her, to take her. She stood at a distance, willing him to come towards her; her own body on fire. He moved closer and she moved further away, teasing him. He looked at her, perplexed and stood still. Unsure of what she really wanted.

He wanted her but did she want him? He stared at her and smiled. He could clearly see her desire radiating through her body, she wanted him. He took one more step towards her and she moved away again. This time he was neither perplexed nor hurt; he knew it was just a game. He was going to play it as well. He shook his head and turned around as if not interested anymore. From the corner of his eyes he could see her body tense. 

He turned his back on her, he was not interested, she thought. Sadness gripped at her throat and threatened to choke her. Tears welled up in her eyes. Don't let him go, they willed her lips to scream. She stared at him in silence, not sure what to do. She made up her mind and walked away.

He waited for her to make the move. He could feel his heartbeat in his throat. Any moment now, she would surprise him with a hug. He waited and then waited more. His ego not allowing him to turn around to look at her. Disappointed, he walked away. Instead of witnessing the love between the two; the room was now empty, unfulfilled desire thick in air.

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silent whispers

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