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Story 111

Continued from Story 110. The story starts here.

When he saw her for the first time getting into the car, he could not take his eyes off her; not even when she spotted him staring at her through the side-view mirror.
The first time he had seen her, he had been aroused but the next time he saw her doing ‘Tulsi’ puja he was mesmerized by her. She was wearing a saree and looked beautiful, with her wet hair dripping water over her shoulder. When she closed her eyes to pray she looked serene; but, when she opened her eyes he saw sadness in them.

Embarrassed on being spotted staring, he stepped back into the house. He knew it was rude and even though he should have not cared, he did. He did not know the woman, but he did not want her to have a bad impression about him. One of the reasons why he had to stay away from her, a little voice in his head reminded him.

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