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Story 114

In continuation of Story 113. The Story begins here
The smile warmed his heart, but he did not read too much into it. He knew it was a smile of relief, because she had managed to get back home in time; it also had a touch of awkwardness, because of the circumstances in which they had met, the time they had spent in his house. Last but not the least – it was a smile that said thank you. He never knew a simple smile could mean so many things at once and mean nothing at all. One moment, there she was, smiling at him and the next moment she closed the door and was gone.


She closed the door immediately and rushed to the bedroom, hoping that her husband had not seen her standing at the door. Most importantly, she hoped he had not seen her looking at the stranger across the street.
Her husband was the one who was cheating on her and she was worried about him finding out that she had been sharing a glance with the stranger. She shook her head as she started to take off the saree the str…

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