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Story 112

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It is none of my business, but...
He hated it when people said that. He never understood why people could not stop themselves from poking their noses in another people's business; and here he was, doing the same thing.

It was none of his business, yet he followed the man. He was not sure what he would do – confront the man? Force him to go back home to his wife and console her? Scare him and ask him to treat her better? His instinct told him to follow the man, so he did; but he was not prepared to see what was about to happen next.
He watched as the man knocked on the door of a house. Old fashioned one storey bungalow with a few steps leading to the door and a front porch. This one did not have a ‘Tulsi’ like hers did.
Her image of praying in front of the Tulsi flashed in front of his eyes. Beautiful and serene face, her wet hair dripping water over her shoulder. He pushed the thoughts aside and waited. He realised he was holding his …

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