Story 144

In continuation of Story 143

*adult content*

She was thirsty. She did not know how long she had been tied and locked in this place. She was scared of giving in to the weakness. She tried not to move, tried to save her strength for the time when he came again. She’d fight him with all she had. She licked her lips to moisten them and swallowed her saliva to moisten her throat. She would scream when he opened the door, hope that someone would hear her. The wounds on her wrists and ankles were almost healed. If she pulled hard enough again, or maybe wrap her arms and legs around him, she’d try to choke him. He would obviously have the keys on him. She was so exhausted and frustrated by then, that the thought of wrapping her naked body against a stranger did not bother her. Anything to survive, a voice inside her head whispered. Anything to survive, she told herself.
She concentrated on her breathing, slowing it down, calming herself; making sure that she would not panic when the time came.

She did not know; all these efforts were in vain.


He did not come for days. She was not sure whether days had passed by or weeks. Her stomach grumbled, asking for food but then, it gave up. The thirst was unbearable. The stink of her own urine and shit, she had gotten used to. Anything to survive, she repeated it as a mantra, waiting for the man to show up. She did not move, sat in a corner with her knees pulled to her chest. She was not trying to save her strength, she did not have any left, not even to move. She felt the heat of her breasts against her thighs. She was burning up. The tears came, no sound accompanied them. The salt of her tears hurt her dried lips. Anything to survive, she whispered and passed out.


He came. She did not hear the door open or see the bright light but she felt his presence. Felt his hand in between her legs, she opened her eyes and saw him. He was a beautiful person doing the ugliest thing. She had hoped to struggle, to put her arms and legs around his body and try to find the key to the chains; but she saw that he did not have the keys on him, he did not have any clothes on him. His nudity made her nauseous and she vomited. He stepped back and cursed.
“Kiss me now” she thought and laughed weakly. She could not believe her fucked up mind was trying to find humor in such dreadful situation.
One’s mind can do anything to adjust to the situation, trying to keep sane.

She was shocked when he bent close to her and kissed her on the mouth. The stink of the vomit did not bother him; not even when she threw up inside his mouth. He spit out the yellow fluid and continued kissing. The whole thing was disgusting, too much for her to react to. She gave in. The moment he noticed her surrender he stopped kissing. He moved his hand over her naked body, his cold palm warming with her warmth. He stood up and walked away but did not close the door. She called out for help, she thought she did but she had lost her voice, lost her strength and now she was going to lose much more than that.


He returned with the keys. She felt his presence only when she heard the clank of the chains. He was unlocking the chains. Now is the time, the voice in her head said. Now is the time, she whispered. She could not move. He freed her legs first; she knew why only when she felt his breath in between her legs. Quick, wrap your legs around his neck, said the voice; she could not move. He freed her arms and stepped back. She could not move, not even when he walked to the farthest corner of the room. She could hear him and then her entire body shook by the forceful assault of water. He was washing her with the help of a huge pipe. The force and sharp assault of water hurt her but she could not react. The water washed away the stink of urine and shit. “Open your mouth” he said and she obeyed. He sprayed water on her face, she could not breathe. The stink of vomit was washed away, she gulped down some water; he turned off the hose when he saw what she had done.

In the series of embarrassing situations, she had been subjected to since being abducted, came the most embarrassing moment when he sprayed water over her buttocks and washed her hole. It hurt, she started to sob but stopped soon because she was exhausted.

He walked back to the corner of the room to keep the pipe. She shivered with cold and fear. He was preparing her for the worst.

He put his hands under her knees and underarm and picked her up. He carried her in his arms towards the light.
He could have taken her forcefully on the first day itself, but he waited. He waited till she was too tired to struggle. He waited till she was broken.
A man with patience is a dangerous man; the voice inside her head and she, both concluded.


The bright light hurt her eyes and she squinted. She wanted to see where he was taking her. Her vision took a while to adjust. He stepped into the bright room, it had a tv in one corner and a single seat sofa in front of it; this was perhaps where he spent his time. She looked at what was playing on the tv, it was the footage of the room she was tied in. He’d been watching her all this time. He climbed up few wooden stairs and stepped out through a trapdoor that led to a barn. He had a basement in his barn! Fuck, he had a BARN! Where the hell was she? The thoughts assaulted her weakened mind. She thought he was going to drop her down in the barn but she was shocked when he exited through the door of the barn and carried her out in the open; both of them were stark naked, but she noticed - there was no one to see them, except maybe a few crows and a barking dog tied to a tree.

He walked towards the house and kicked open the door. He took her past the kitchen, into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. The soft bed felt good after spending, not sure how many days, on the hard ground.

He poured alcohol in a glass and drank it, the glass never leaving his lips. He drank another glass and then another and then some more.

He slid in bed next to her and kissed her.
“Kiss me” he said and turned to lay on his back and she obeyed. She kissed him on the cheek and then on the lips. “All over” he commanded as he pulled her hair. She did as she was told. She started kissing him, starting with his cheek, then his jaw bone and neck and shoulders and the chest. He pulled her hair and guided her to kiss his nipples; she did and he moaned.

“Go on” he whispered. She made her way through his stomach to his waist and stopped. He yanked her hair and yelled “Go on” and she continued going south till she reached his toes. Anything to survive, the voice in her head was back. Anything to survive, she whispered and cried.
“Come here” he said and she crawled on her fours to reach him. He pulled her by the arm and she fell on top of him.
He turned around in bed so that she was underneath him.
He kissed her the way she had kissed him and then thrust inside her. She had been mentally preparing herself for this; yet it was not enough. His rhythmic movement continued, each thrust harder - to breach. She felt the pain of losing her virginity but she could not make a sound.

That moment, she thought he should have intoxicated her; perhaps he did not on purpose. He wanted her conscious and awake to know what was being done to her.
She shook under him like a ragged doll shaken by a naughty boy.
He finally came into her and collapsed on top of her, where he stayed for an hour or so. He had fallen asleep over her.

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