Story 143

Life is made up of several little things and then there are big things that change the course of your life.

She was a seventeen year old simple, normal, healthy girl; eagerly waiting for her Eighteenth birthday. She was good in her studies, always got good grades, had many friends, few really close friends.

All her friends, even the close one’s had long explored their own bodies and had even lost their virginity to their boyfriends. She did not have a boyfriend. Did not attempt to explore her body and she was a virgin; waiting for the right kind of person and the right time. Peer pressure never worked on her even though her friends tried to hook her up with the besties of their boyfriends. When they had to go out with their boyfriend, her friends told their parents they were going to study with her in the local library, and she confirmed it for them over the phone. She told her parents she was going to the local library to study and she did. The main section of the library closed in the evening but the reading area was never locked.

She told her friends that one day they would have to return the favour, they agreed and laughed and she laughed with them.

They did not mean to be rude but they knew she was not the kind of girl who would ever have a boyfriend, let alone sneak out with him at night to make out. She proved them wrong.

A few months before her Eighteenth birthday, she met someone unexpectedly and fell in love with him; the head-over-heels kind, the kind that takes your breath away, the kind, which makes you listen to romantic songs the whole night, holding your pillow tightly against your chest. He was a transfer student who had joined her school mid-term. He was from a different city and did not have any friends; he was not good at making them. People ignored him; not on purpose, it just happened. They walked past him without noticing him, he made no attempts to get their attention. He was content in his own little world.

Then, one day –

They officially met at the lockers. She initiated the conversation and he picked it up from there. They spent every possible moment together. Walked to school together every morning and walked back to her house after school. Her parents noticed him, invited him over. They approved him as a friend. She adored him, fantasized about him as she touched herself for the first time. She could not sleep that night.

The next day she told him how she felt about him and he reciprocated. He told her he loved her, too. Thus, began their love story. Her parents approved of the relationship.
They went out for movies, sat in the corner seats and kissed. She let him put his hands under her shirt, but when he moved his hand south, she stopped him.
She told him she was not ready. He stopped.
She believed he was ‘the one’ and so did he. They both agreed to wait for her Eighteenth birthday.

She was a simple, normal, healthy girl who had a boyfriend; still a virgin, waiting for the right time. Until –


One unfortunate day –

She stepped out of her house early in the morning, to jog. Music blaring in her ears, she started slow and picked up pace. The same routine, the same road, the same music but something different happened that day.

She met him and her life changed.
He waved to her and stopped her. He had a worried and lost look on his face. He held out a piece of paper and asked for directions, which she gave. She put the earphones back on and started to walk.

A few seconds of distraction, that’s all it took for her life to take an unexpected turn; for events to take place that changed the course of her life.
He chloroformed her and she passed out in his arms. He pulled out the earphones from her ears and ripped out the mobile from her arm band and flung it far away into the bushes.

It was early morning and there were not many people on the road.
He put his arm around her and dragged her across the street. People who saw them never suspected what was really happening. It was a safe neighbourhood. To them, she looked like a passed out girl being taken care of by her boyfriend. They did not see her face, as he made sure to cover it with her hair. Even though the people she knew walked past her, they could not recognize her.

He whistled for a cab and took her home or whatever that place was, where he had made arrangements for her.

He had seen her several times, followed her; marked her as the one to be taken.


It was dark in the room when she opened her eyes. She could not see anything. She felt the cold ground against her skin. She realised she was naked. She tried to move, but the effect of chloroform had not entirely worn off and it made her dizzy. She took a deep breath and tried to get up only to realise that she was tied with chains. That’s when the fear crept in. She shivered, partly because of the fear and partly because she was cold. The place she was in, was dark and cold and being naked did not really help. The ground she was sitting on was hard and it hurt her buttocks. She tried to shout, call out for help but she vomited and then fainted.


She opened her eyes and the stink of her own vomit assaulted her nose. The smell caused her to dry-heave. She was dizzy, she had a bad headache. She was cold. By now her eyes had adjusted to the darkness. She tried to move as far away from the vomit as the chains would allow. The rattling of the chains echoed as she moved. Then, there was silence; the kind where one could hear their own breathing. She tried to pull on the chains, that hurt her wrists. She tried to stand up, the chains did not allow, the chains cut deep into her ankles and she fell back on the ground. Her knees making contact with the hard ground. She yelled in pain. She screamed for help. No one heard her.

She curled into foetal position and lay on the ground, the coldness of the ground seeping through her bare skin, sucking out whatever warmth she had in her. She shivered. She thought she was going to die and she started crying.


She was semi-conscious when a door opened in the far corner of the room. The bright light that spilled through the door hurt her eyes, she groaned. She did not see the dark shadow entering the room. However, she felt the cold touch of a hand on her waist.
“Help” she whispered. She was so out of her senses that it did not occur to her - the only person who could enter the room was the one who had put her in there; and that person had no intention of helping her.

She felt his hand in between her legs and she struggled weakly. The slight noise of the chain echoed loudly in the room.

He whispered, “I can wait” and kissed her on the mouth. She bit his tongue and he moved back. When he saw blood, he punched her in the face. Her blood mixed with his in her mouth and she spit it out.

He stood up and walked away closing the door behind him. The room was thrown into darkness again.

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