Story 174

In continuation of Story 173.

*adult content*

Sudden knocking on the door put a halt to her thoughts. She grabbed a bathrobe and put it on. She opened the door of her room to find the spot boy with an envelope for her. He made eye contact with her as he handed over the envelope, unlike other men who preferred looking at her bosom while talking to her. She took the envelope from him, thanked him and closed the door behind her. She opened the envelope and read it. It was what she had expected. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She looked at the clock; she did not have much time. She stepped out of the bathrobe and undergarments and stood under the shower allowing the warm water to relieve the stress in her shoulders. She dried herself and wrapping a towel around her she walked out of the bathroom. She picked up her worn clothes and stuffed them in her bag; she picked up a fresh dress from the wardrobe, this one was more revealing than the previous one, had a deeper neck cut, which showed her cleavage and the slit in the dress showed her thighs. She put on the make-up again. She practised a fake smile in the mirror before dialling an intercom number. She sat cross-legged on the couch and waited.

The door was opened and a middle-aged man walked into her room and the first thing he noticed was the slit showing her fair bare thigh. He looked at her and said hello to her breasts. He sat next to her, still eyeing her thigh as she extended her hand to greet him. He shook hands with her holding her hand in the grip longer than needed. He then opened his briefcase and took out some papers. She took the papers from him and the moment her face was behind the papers, the man placed his hand on her thigh. She looked at him; he looked in her eyes and smiled. He told her how much he admired her work and he was really honoured that she had agreed to sign a bond with his advertising firm. She handed over the papers to him without signing them and stood up. 'Get out' she said and the man looked at her stunned. He shook his head, kept the papers back in his briefcase. 'You will regret this' he said, not meeting her gaze but looking at her chest instead and then walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. She collapsed on the couch and closed her eyes for some time. What had she done? It was going to have a wrong impact on her career. But she felt happy; perhaps it meant that she had done the right thing. 

She knew this would upset her husband, who was also her manager; because as per what he had told her, it was an opportunity of a lifetime. Signing the contract was worth millions. However, she did not care now. And, “that” made her feel happy.

She removed her make-up, changed into her favourite jeans and tee-shirt and walked out of her room. She waved goodbye to the spot boy on her way out of the set, a few heads turned towards the spot boy, some jealous eyes regarded him closely. The spot boy seemed unaffected by all this, he waved back to her and continued with his work. She threw her bag on the back seat and got into the car and drove out of the studio without waiting for her chauffeur who was standing under a tree smoking a cigarette.  

She reached the shrink's office on time for her appointment. He opened the door for her. The moment she walked past the door, he closed the door and turned around to face her; she went into his arms and started crying. He held her close and allowed her to cry. She had become vulnerable lately, easy to cry. Perhaps it was because of the hormonal changes taking place in her. He understood her need to cry and she knew he cared. He was more than her shrink; he was like a fatherly figure for her, someone she could confide in, someone from whom she could take advice. There were still many things she had to tell him, so many things he had to know to understand why she needed his counselling, to realise how fucked up her life was. She stopped crying and moved back. He handed her a handkerchief and as she wiped her tears he stepped into his role as a psychiatrist. The session was about to start. She stretched out on the patient’s couch and before he could do what normally his next step was, she asked him whether they could talk off the record. He agreed and kept the recorder aside. 

She told him the part of her life-story she had not yet shared with him. She had already told him about her life in her home-town, how she had left her loved ones to come to Mumbai, how she had struggled to become a model. Then she had told him about the man she was madly in love with. She had told him about her husband. She had told him about her husband's marriage proposal, how romantic it was and how she was swept off her feet for the second time, only this time the man had kept his promise and actually married her. She had not repeated her mistake and taken her time to say yes. They were married within a month and they went to Mauritius for their honeymoon. Those were the most wonderful days of her life, the days when she felt like a complete woman. 
Today, she was going to tell him more about that man. 

She came to the part when everything had changed. When the warning of her instinct had come true and her life had turned upside-down. It had happened a few weeks ago. She told him about the night it had all begun -
One night her husband had brought a girl to their house. The girl was an aspiring model and he had brought her home to tell her the “tricks” of becoming a famous model. The girl was surprised to see her in the house. It was then; he had asked her to make him a drink. She was about to react but the look in his eyes scared her. Before she could turn around to go to the bar, she saw him place his lips on the lips of the girl. She heard girl’s stifled reactions and then his soothing voice trying to calm her down. The same voice he used to calm her whenever she was tensed and the same voice that he used before he undressed her and had sex with her. 

She walked back to the living room wishing to help the girl out of the house, but she was shocked to see both on the couch, passionately kissing each other, her husband's hand fondling the girl's breast. She stood there, too shocked to move. The girl saw her and signalled to him who got up from the couch and holding the girl by her waist walked towards the bedroom. She spent the night listening to the instructions her husband gave to the girl, she heard the sounds of love making and after that she could not sleep as the sounds echoed in her ears.

The next morning the girl walked out of the bedroom with a broad smile on her face. The girl looked at her and said, "Now I know why you are as famous as you are." The girl giggled and walked out of the house. She felt the bile rise to her throat. She walked to the bedroom and saw that her bed was a mess. The bedsheet was stained with blood, the girl had lost virginity in her bed. Her anger knew no bounds, she rushed to the bathroom where her husband was washing himself off of the girl's leftovers. She opened her mouth to speak but her husband grabbed her by the waist and kissed her on the mouth. He did not give her a chance to speak. "Come on" he pleaded as he kissed her neck, "don't make a big deal of it." He said as he licked her throat and tried to reach for her breast. When she tried to free herself from his embrace, he seemed shocked. That's when all hell broke loose. He slapped her, placed one hand over her throat as he ripped off her dress with another. She struggled and he hit her hard across the face. She lost her balance and fell on the floor, she missed the bathtub by a margin and he cursed. Both knew what would have happened had she hit her head on the bathtub. He grabbed her hair and pushed her inside the bathtub and climbed in over her. He entered her forcefully and started thrusting, one hand covering her mouth. She had lost her strength to fight back by then. Somewhere amidst the thrusts he moved his hand from over her mouth to her throat and with each thrust he choked her. Moving in he tightened the grip over her throat and moving out he released the grip. She was terrorised to see that hurting her like that gave him pleasure. He moaned loudly as he came into her and then he let go of her.  He showered and walked out of the bathroom while she lay in the bathtub, too afraid to move. He had often forced himself on her in the past, had sex with her even when she was unwilling but this was different. He got ready and went to work, while she sat in the bathtub, crying. 

Hours later, she stepped out of the bathtub; washed herself and walked out of the bathroom. She put on her pyjamas and called in sick. She was too scared to look at the mirror but she knew the happenings of the day were etched on her body and would stay there for a while. She could not go to work for few days and when she started work again she had to use make-up to conceal the finger marks on her throat.

She started to shiver as she recollected that day's events. Talking about it to the doctor had re-opened the wounds.
The doctor got up from his seat and offered her water, which she gulped down with difficulty; feeling choked, trying to hold back her tears. She then told the doctor that she was pregnant, and she was not sure anymore what she wanted to do with her life or the life inside her. She told him about the letter her husband had sent her, asking her to sign the contract earlier in the day, how that contract was going to help them both. She told him how he had ended the letter saying that he loved her a lot. And, she started crying again. 

Outside, it had started to rain. Their discussion continued while it thundered and rained heavily outside. During the conversation, she stood up and walked to the window. She loved rains. She looked at her own reflection in the window glass covered with rain drops and made up her mind.

That night, she waited for her husband. She knew he would bring another model to give her tips for becoming a famous model. The doorbell rang and as she had expected it was him at the door and he had brought a model with him. This one was different than the first one. She was already leaning on him and he was holding her by her waist. They walked straight to the bedroom. As the door closed, she closed her eyes and her lips curved into a smile. She could hear the sounds of laughter coming from her bedroom. 

When the laughing stopped, the moaning began and she knew what was going to happen next. As her husband kissed the girl, explored the girl's body and thrust inside her, he failed to notice the red light of the camera recording his movements.

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