Story 84

In continuation of Story 86.

*Adult Content*

He helped her undress him and then he picked her up in his arms and placed her on the bed and undressed her. 
He took out a condom from the bedside drawer and put it on. He noticed her watching him, watching his body’s reaction to her naked body. He knew what she was thinking. If only she knew. After some more foreplay he was inside her, trying his best to give her what she wanted. She pulled his head towards hers and kissed him on the mouth, he responded but late. He could feel her body tense beneath him. Oh no, he thought. He kissed her again and tried to do all the right things but he did not make eye contact. He could not.

He moved on top of her but it was becoming difficult for him, he knew he could not go on further and she moaned asking him not to stop. He continued, tried harder and he yelled with frustration. He wanted this to be over. He knew why he was having difficulty coming but what the hell was wrong with her? Why was she not coming? 

Maybe she noticed his frustration because soon enough she pushed him to his side and rolled over herself, with him on his back she climbed on top of him. After a while he changed positions and pushed harder, still not making eye contact. He felt her reaching climax and he came at the same time. He pulled out and got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom to get rid of the condom. And then he started to cry out loud.


She knew he was not the same man anymore. War had changed him. When he had called to say that he was coming home she had been happy. When his friend had told her that they were sending him home because he was incapable of giving his 100% anymore, she had feared for his health. When he arrived at the airport, she had been overjoyed to see him. She had been relaxed to see that there was nothing physically wrong with him; but she had not expected it to be worse. She’d ran towards him and hugged him but he had not wrapped his arms around her; she had kissed him on the mouth but he had not responded. That’s when she realized he’d changed. He was messed up from within.

But, she was not going to give up on him, she made up her mind. She gave him the space he needed, she let him sleep on the couch in their bedroom because that’s how he wanted it. She often stayed awake watching him sleep. She noticed how restless he often became when he had nightmares. She wanted to hold him, wrap her arms around him when he screamed in his sleep but she did not touch him. She watched as slowly his body relaxed again and he started to snore. She watched him for some more time after that; sometimes till morning.

In the mornings, she did not make breakfast for the two of them. She made it only for him because she knew he would leave his breakfast unfinished and go back to bed and then she would finish the leftover. She let him sleep as much as he liked. She knew he had to get back on his feet soon, he needed to find something to do; something to keep himself busy but before that he needed to go to therapy.

She was scared to broach the topic of therapy but she had to. One day, after dinner as he settled into the couch she went and sat on the floor next to him. She made sure not to touch him. And then she told him how much worried she was for him. She told him that she had given him all the time he had needed to recuperate but it was time, now, for him to seek professional help. He could not do this to himself any longer. She did not mention that he could not do this to her, she did not want him to feel guilty in any way even though she was breaking from within. He had told her that he would think about it. She never talked to him about it again but one morning, as he sat at the table for breakfast he told her that he was going to do it. He had made up his mind to go to therapy.

She had accompanied him to the centre on the first day. She did not want him to feel alone in this; she wanted him to know that she was with him but he had mistaken her company as her doubt about his commitment. She had tried to explain that it was not so, she wanted him to feel loved and cared for. He had then apologised to her.
Next day onwards she let him go alone. She noticed some positive changes after the therapy. He shifted back to bed. They did not share the same duvet, though. They did not put their arms around each other. Once, during her sleep, she had placed her hand over his chest by mistake and he had woken up screaming. After that she started to keep a pillow between them. It hurt her but she was ready to give him the time.

It was their anniversary. He made breakfast for her. She expected him to kiss her but he did not. She let it be. He told her he had booked a table in her favourite hotel. She wore his favourite dress for the evening. They did not take the car, she thought he wanted to avoid driving but he told her he wanted to walk back home. Why not, she wondered. It seemed romantic to her.

They took a cab to the hotel. They ordered food, he did not order much so she restricted her diet as well. He excused himself and went to the washroom and she looked around at the other couples. Reminiscing about the time when they looked like one of those couples, who, you could tell from their body language, were madly in love with each other. The couple she was looking at, kissed and she quickly turned her gaze away from them. For two reasons – one, she did not want to encroach upon their privacy and two, she did not want her expectations about the night to rise only to be let down later. She missed him, she missed his touch, she missed kissing him, she missed making love to him but she could not say.

They stepped out of the hotel after dinner and she shivered because of the cold. He put his coat around her shoulders. That felt intimate. They walked. She wanted him to hold her hand but he kept walking straight, his hands in his pockets. She wanted to walk some more with him but she could not take the cold. She told him so. They got into a cab and returned home.

As they stepped into the apartment, she could feel her body starting to react in anticipation of what might come next. She took off her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood in her underwear, watching him he sat on the couch looking at the floor. He had definitely seen the dress fall off on the floor. She wanted to rip off his clothes and make love to him on the couch but she stood motionless where she was.

Finally, he looked at her and took off his shirt. He walked towards her and placing his hands on her waist, he kissed her. That was enough for her desires to reach the peak. She undressed him and then he took her to bed and undressed her. He took out a condom from the bed-side drawer and she watched him. He was starting to have an erection and her eyes filled with tears knowing that she could still do that to him. She had been worried. He had not touched her, had not felt the desire to make love to her, she had assumed that he was not capable of it anymore.

... concluded as Story 83.

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