Story 104

In continuation of Story 103

She never fell asleep on a client’s bed, until now. Each time, as the client rolled over, she climbed out of bed and got dressed and left without a word. There were others who stayed behind for more time than necessary. Those who flirted with the client first before getting down to business and stayed around for a drink or two after sex. It was part of their package. She did not offer any such packages. She did not attach sentimental aspect to the act. She did what was necessary; sometimes enjoyed the sex, sometimes pretended to like it.

She had assumed her visit to this guy’s penthouse would be the same but she was wrong. She had never been so wrong in her life. Her friends said she was too rigid, absolutely emotionless. She told them that is what made her the highest paid escort. Had she been an emotional fool like them, she would have ended up getting paid like them. Emotions had no place in her life, or so she thought.

It took one look at this guy’s face after he came into her, to change the way she thought, the way she felt. She worked really hard to keep her face expressionless as he looked into her eyes. Most of the times, her participation in the sexual act was forced; however, she really enjoyed the sex with this man. She should have not been but she was slightly offended when he called out someone else’s name as he came into her. Unlike the other guys who rolled over after sex, he stayed on top of her. She could have asked him to get off, she could have told him that she wanted to get up and get dressed but she did not. She could not do that to him after he rested his head on her chest and she felt the wetness of his tears on her bosom. Instead of pushing him away, she ran her fingers through his hair. She did not know what had gotten into her; as the guy lifted his head, she had pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips. He kissed back and she knew she was in love. Had he chosen to have sex again, she would have not refused; even though she was paid for one time. She would have made the second time special for him even if towards the end he called out someone else’s name as he came into her.

It did not take much effort for her to figure out that this man was messed up. He was in love with the woman whose name he called out as he climaxed. She also knew that he could not have that woman; had it been otherwise, she would have not been here with him. It did not matter to her that he loved someone else; the unexpected had happened – she had fallen in love with a client; something that was forbidden.

The man had continued crying, resting his head on her breast and she had fallen asleep while moving her fingers through his hair. When she had woken up in the middle of the night, she had found the man sleeping next to her. She should have climbed out of bed and gotten dressed, but she moved closer to him and wrapped her arm around him, convincing herself that she would get up after some time. It warmed her heart to see the man sleeping peacefully. She watched him as his chest moved with each breath; she watched him as he grew restless in his sleep when he was having a nightmare. She placed her hand on his chest and felt his tense body relax. She fell asleep again.

When she woke up in the morning, the man was not sleeping next to her. Instead, she found a wad of cash kept on the bed. She was offended. She got dressed, left the cash on the bed and walked out of the bedroom. When she had stepped into the living room she had found the man at the mini bar. She started to walk towards him, to tell him that she did not need his money but he had raised his hand and signaled her to leave and so, she had left.

She had made up her mind that she would never go back to this man even if he paid double. She was not in the mood to take anymore clients. So, she called the escort agency and told them that she needed a break for few days. She was lying on the couch in her apartment when her business mobile phone beeped. She checked the phone, it was a message from the agency that the man who had hired her the previous night wanted to spend time with her again tonight. She replied asking them to tell him that she was unavailable. She spent time in her apartment, moving around aimlessly. She switched on the tv and tried to figure out why it hurt so much?

The girls who hated her called her emotionless bitch; she would have given anything to be one. She did not want to care, she did not want to feel but she did.
When the call came in asking her whether she was willing to go back to the man, since he had asked for her again; she was tempted to say yes. She longed to feel his warm body against hers. She wanted to look into his mesmerizing eyes and kiss his soft lips. She wanted him but she could not have him; just like he could not have the woman he loved.

She felt the warmth of her tears on her cheeks. It had taken one night to ruin her. All the façade she had put up her whole life; the tall walls she had constructed around herself were destroyed in one night. And, the fact was, despite how the night had ruined her, she was willing to go through it again. She wanted to be ruined further. Love was weird, it was painful but it made the person desire for more. She called the agency and told them that if he called again they could tell him that she was available to spend the night with him.

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