Story 103

He stood at the window of his penthouse, a towel around his waist and watched the dark night sky change its color.

A new day had just begun, opportunity for many to do different things, opportunity to prove themselves to the world. For him, it was all the same. Nothing new to the day, nothing to prove to anyone. He was already on top of the achievers list and now waited for the inevitable. He knew there were two options when someone was at the top; he either stayed there or stepped down from the top. He had managed to stay there for long enough and had now prepared himself for the downfall. He did not have the required will power to try and stay on the top anymore.

His life had become a monotonous routine. Every single day he worked in his office, met with clients, finalized deals and every evening he went to a pub, had drinks and picked up a woman who was willing to have sex with him. A woman who was willing to suffer the consequences of his frustration. He danced with the woman, made her feel special before walking out of the pub with her and driving to the penthouse.
Once in the bedroom, he did not waste time and got down to business. He had wild sex with the woman.
In the eyes of every woman he brought to the penthouse, he could see various stages of emotions.
Awe at first on seeing the penthouse, lust on seeing him naked, shock as he pushed her on the bed, pinned her down and entered her and disappointment on seeing lack of any emotions on his part as he came into her and then immediately climbed out of bed as if he could not bear spending an extra second with her.
They always left crying. He hated that.

That’s why he stopped bringing women from the pub. Instead, he opted for much more willing women, women who did not care how he treated them in bed. Women, who were paid to be there for him the way he wanted them to be.
He called escort agency and waited for the woman to arrive, he drank as he waited. Once the woman arrived, he made her drink as well. He took couple more drinks with her.
After the woman was drunk enough he asked her to undress and wait for him in bed.
Then, he joined her and did his business.
He never hit a woman, he was not a sadist but not every woman was a fan of how he did his business.
The escorts did not mind the rough sex, he paid them enough.

They did not sulk when he cried out someone else’s name as he came into them. They were not disappointed when he climbed out of bed immediately after sex.


He turned away from the window and looked towards the bed where his woman for the night was still asleep; bedsheet around her waist. He walked towards her and pulled up the bedsheet up to her chin. He put on his clothes and then took out some cash from his wallet and placed it on the bed next to the woman and walked out of the bedroom. He did not have to do that, he had already paid for the service in advance by credit card; but giving her extra cash was his way of saying that he had a really good time.
He was sitting at the mini bar having his morning dose of alcohol when the woman stepped out of the bedroom. She was about to walk towards him but he held up his hand and asked her to leave. She left, closing the door behind her.

He went to the bedroom and saw the wad of cash on the bed. She had not taken the extra money he had offered. He walked to the bathroom, undressed and stood under the shower. The after-effects of the previous night still lingering at the back of his mind like a sweet memory. When he had called the escort agency and asked them to send him their best, no matter what the price; he was not expecting this woman. When he had opened the door to her, he had stood frozen; mesmerized by her beauty. She was exactly what he was looking for. He did not want to get her drunk, he wanted to take her then and there. He let her step into the penthouse and watched her as she looked around without any expression on her face. She asked him what was expected of her and he asked her to play along. This woman was nothing like the other women he had before. She was not only too good in bed, she was exactly what he needed to satiated his desire.

When he had taken off his clothes and climbed on top of her, she had looked into his eyes and not at his body like the other women had. He could not stop looking at her; she was beautiful. Her eyes held him in a trance and he closed in to kiss her on the lips, unlike the other times. He traced the curves of her body and took his time entering her.
For the first time, he made love instead of having wild sex. As he moved on top of her, he could feel her body moving in synchronization with his. She called out to him; encouraging him to go on, asking him not to stop. When they had made love, he knew she had enjoyed it as much as he had, and had not pretended like other escorts.

Standing under the shower, he felt aroused just by thinking of her. He should have not asked her to leave, he should have taken her back to bed, he thought.
He stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He picked up his mobile to call the escort agency and asked for her. He was told that she was currently unavailable. He assumed that she was with another client. The thought of her with someone else infuriated him. He asked for her number but they refused. He told them he wanted her again for the night and they said they will talk to her and get back to him. He hung up disappointed.

He was not in the mood to go to the office, he decided to take the day off. He was the boss, no one would dare ask him why he cancelled the meetings of the day. He called his secretary and informed her that he would not be coming to the office. He got dressed and stepped out of the penthouse. He got into the simplest and cheapest car from his collection and drove out.

It took a while for him to reach his destination. He parked under the shade of a tree and kept a watch on the entrance of the building on the opposite side of the road. He sat up straight when he saw her walking out of the gate. He started the ignition, ready to follow her. The woman hailed a cab and as the cab moved; he followed. He stopped where the cab stopped – her workplace. He watched her get inside the office premises; one of the many offices he owned. She did not know that she worked for him; had she known that she would have quit. He knew it  therefore he made sure she never knew.
It meant a lot to him that he had updates on her life. It went without saying that she was unaware that he kept tabs on her life, she believed that he had left her alone.

She was the only woman he really cared about and the only woman he could not have. She was the woman he compared to the rest; the woman whose name he called out as he climaxed. He made the other women wear the kind of dresses she wore, he asked them to wear the same perfume and the same lipstick. When he undressed them, he thought about her; he imagined her naked, lying in bed under him as he penetrated the women he bought with money.
He could have any woman he wanted but he could never have her.

It had been a long time since he had done something like this. It had been a while since he had personally stalked her, following her as she went to work. But, spending the night with the latest escort had changed things. When he had seen the woman at the door, he could not believe the resemblance. She even wore the same perfume. He did not have to tell her to pretend. He had just given her basic instructions and then taken her to bed. When he had called out the name as he climaxed, he had watched her face; it lacked expressions. When he had rested his head on her chest she had ran her fingers through his hair and as he had lifted his head she had pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips. Something he had not asked her to do, something no one had ever done before.
He had kissed her back, thinking about the only woman who mattered to him.

He stepped out of the car and walked to the office premises. The desire to see her once more made him take the risk of being spotted around, especially since she had taken a restraining order against him. He could not believe that she was scared of him, scared that he could hurt her. He could never do that, not even after knowing that he did not mean anything to her and she loved someone else. There were times when he was tempted to kill the man she loved, but those were just thoughts rising out of jealousy and nothing more. He could never act on those thoughts.

He got into the elevator and reached the floor where she worked. He watched her from the distance as she worked and then he stepped out as one of the staff members recognized him. He had enough time to kill. He drove around the city aimlessly. He called the escort agency once again to find out whether the woman was available. He would have very much loved to take her again. She was still unavailable. He disconnected the call and cursed. 

He drove back to the office and waited for the staff to walk out and when she stepped out he followed her home. He knew he would regret it later but he was on auto-pilot. He could not let go of her, not today. Not after making love to someone who looked like her. He watched her walk in through the gate, he waited to see her at the balcony. Some things never changed. She loved standing at the balcony, drinking her coffee; no matter how late in the evening it was. She was addicted to coffee.

He grabbed the steering wheel as he saw him step out on the balcony. He watched as the man wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the lips. Then, he thought about the woman he had spent the night with. He felt aroused as he thought about the woman. He started the ignition and drove off.

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