Story 105

In continuation of Story 104

He called, just like she had expected he would. The agency told him that she would be available for the night. They called to inform her. The last time she had met with him, she had hardly taken any efforts to look good. She had simply put on one of her outfits and her favorite perfume.
This time, however, she spent almost an hour in front of the mirror, doing her best to look good for him. She did her hair, put on some make-up and put on one of her best outfits; an expensive low-cut black dress to flatter her curves.

She looked at herself for one last time before stepping out of the apartment. The agency cab was already waiting for her at the gate. She got into the cab and asked the driver to put on some music. The driver looked at her through the rear-view mirror before playing music on the car stereo.
She never listened to music in cab. She spent time meditating, closing her eyes and preparing herself for the assault that she was about to be subjected to. She never told anyone but every time she slept with a client she felt as if a part of her soul was ripped off. Tonight, however, it was different. She was in a good mood.

She got stuck in traffic. The agency called to inform that he had called asking about her whereabouts. She told them she would be at his place in a few minutes. She smiled as she put her mobile phone back in her purse. He was getting desperate. It meant that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.
She stepped out of the cab, straightened her dress and walked towards the elevator. When she reached the penthouse, she took a deep breath and stepped out of the elevator. He was waiting for her outside. He smiled as he saw her and then his smile faded.

He turned around and stepped inside the penthouse. Something was wrong. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror inside the elevator before the doors closed. She looked perfect.
She stepped inside and looked around for him. He was seated at the bar. She walked towards him, intending to join him for a drink, something she had never done before but she had taken only a few steps when he said something totally unexpected, “Get rid of that dress and the make-up. Take a shower and wait for me inside.”

She was not going to let anyone dictate terms to her. She had the right to wear whatever she wanted to wear. She was about to refuse when he added, “You look like a whore.”
That’s exactly what she was, she wanted to tell him, but she did not. The truth was that his statement had stirred something inside her. She was confused at the same time. He wanted to use her like a whore but did not want her to look like one.

She went to the bedroom and stepped out of her dress. She walked to the bathroom to take a shower leaving the door unlocked; half expecting him to join her in the bath. She washed off the make-up and stood under the shower letting the warm water refresh her. She felt disappointed as she put on a bathrobe. He had not joined her in the shower.

She stepped out of the bathroom and he entered the room at the same time. He looked at her and smiled. He walked closer to her and put his hand on her waist and untied the bathrobe. He kissed her neck and licked the water that dripped from her wet hair. His hand reached her shoulder and he slid the bathrobe off her shoulder and let it fall to the floor. She felt herself shivering with anticipation, something that had never happened before. Clients had undressed her before, they had stared at her, they had touched her, bit her but she had never participated. Her body had never reacted to their touch the way it did to his. He placed his hand on her bare waist and kissed her on the mouth. She kissed him back.

He moved back and walked towards the wardrobe. He took out a dress. She felt yet another feeling rising inside of her – jealousy. She felt jealous that his wardrobe had woman’s clothing in it. This obviously meant that at one point, a woman had shared his wardrobe, shared his bed. She shook her head, feeling stupid. Of course, there was a woman in his life. He took her name as he climaxed. What she had not expected was, the woman had spent time in his house. She had considered it as one-sided obsession.

He placed the dress on the bed and looked at her. “Wear this dress and meet me at the bar” he said and turned around to walk out. He stopped at the door and turned to look at her “Let the hair be as it is and do not wear any make up.” He added and left the room.
She looked at the floor where she had taken off her dress and undergarments before stepping into the shower and saw that her dress was missing and so was her bra. She put on her panty and stepped into the dress he had given her. It fit her perfectly. She walked out making up her mind to ask him about her clothes. However, as soon as she reached the bar he said, “I am sorry about your dress and brassier. I got rid of it. The stink of perfume on it was unbearable.”

She looked at him, too shocked to reply. He had just gotten rid of one of her expensive dresses and he mentioned it as if he had thrown away some old used rag of cloth.
She was about to object but before she could, he kissed her on the mouth. Then he said, “You can keep this one, it looks good on you. Trust me, it is much more expensive than the one you wore; if you are worried about price-tags.” She shook her head.
This man was acting as if he owned her, but that was not what bothered her – what bothered her was that she liked it.

“Have a drink” he said and placed a glass in front of her.
She realized that he was taking it slow this time, unlike the last time when he had not wasted a minute to get her naked on bed and climb on top of her. Something had changed this time and it felt wonderful.

She took a couple of drinks with him and waited for him to make the move. He took a huge sip of the remaining drink and got up, as if he had heard her inner-most thoughts. Her body ached to feel his touch. He walked closer to her and kissed her again, his vodka still in his mouth. He let it spill into her mouth. She tasted the warmth of the drink in her mouth and gulped it down. The vodka was too strong for her liking, but she did not complain. They continued kissing as he lifted her in his arms and walked to the bedroom.

He placed her gently on the bed and kissed her neck, his hand exploring her body. She ran her fingers through his hair as he continued kissing her. He stopped abruptly and took off his shirt. She started to unbutton his jeans, but he stopped her. She knew he could understand her need, and he was playing with her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She had expected too much from this relationship, and she knew she was the one to be blamed for how much it hurt her. It took a while for her to realize that he had stopped kissing her.

When she opened her eyes, she saw him looking at her. Once again, he said something unexpected. “I am sorry.”
She looked at him, speechless. He held her hands in his and guided them to the button of his jeans. He let go of her hands and watched her as it dawned on her. She unbuttoned his jeans and helped him step out of it. He undressed her and climbed on top of her, immediately realizing how much ready she was for him. He decided to fulfill her needs tonight. He made love to her the way he had never done before.

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