Story 96

In continuation of Story 95.

Seeing the woman again had aroused his carnal desires. He remembered the night he had spent with her. She had been too drunk but that had not stopped him. He had watched her as she lay exhausted on the bathroom floor. He was thankful she had not vomited on him. He laughed as he walked closer and helped her to stand up. He made her walk towards the wash-basin and rinse her mouth. And then, he lifted her up in his arms and took her to bed. She was conscious but highly under the influence of alcohol. He started to undress her. He took his time, enjoying how her warm body felt to the touch of his hands. He kissed her on the lips and surprisingly she responded. She muttered something as he kissed her neck. He stopped, and tried to listen. Then, he heard a name. He heard her say the name again and heard her add that she loved him a lot. He decided to be that man for the night and told her that he loved her as well. Playing the role turned out to be lucky for him. She not only responded to his kiss and foreplay, she made love to him the way no one ever had.

You are a lucky man, bastard – he whispered before pushing inside of her.
When he woke up the next morning, she was gone. He remembered being furious and jealous. He would not let this night be the only night in his life. He wanted to have the woman for himself even if it meant snatching her away from the man she claimed to love.

He had use his sources to find about her whereabouts, he had stalked her for a long time, had found out about the man she loved and then befriended him. He would cross paths with her when the time is right, he told himself. One day, his good friend told him that he was in love with a girl and was soon going to marry her. He had congratulated the man and told him that he would love to meet the lucky woman.

As soon as he had the chance to be alone with her, he had played his cards. He pretended not knowing that she was his fiancée. He addressed her as his friend and then reminded her of the night they had spent together in the motel. He moved close to her and covered her mouth with his. He put his hand on her waist and pulled her closer as he continued kissing her, pushing his tongue inside her mouth even though she did not respond. He knew her fiancé would come in any moment and that is what had happened.
She had run behind him as he left the room but then, she made up her mind to leave him alone for the night. Foolish decision on her part. Good for him.

He put the final nail in the coffin when he told him about the night they had spent together – he just left some parts out and changed some. According to him, this had happened not long ago.
The look on his friend’s face was enough for him to understand that his work was done. He apologised for the night’s event and then walked out of the house in search for her. Vulnerable women were like an aphrodisiac for him. He found her sitting under a tree. She was adamant, refusing to get into the car. People looked at them and he felt humiliated. He wanted to drive away but his desires to take this woman were stronger. Finally, she succumbed to his requests and got into the car. He had assured her that they would talk to her fiancé tomorrow morning but the poor woman did not know what was in store for her that night.

He finished his drink and got up from the couch. He looked at himself in the mirror before opening the connecting door of his hotel room. He had booked a room for her next to his, a room with a connecting door. When he stepped in her room it was dark. She was asleep. He tiptoed towards the bed and looked at her. She was so beautiful. He undressed and slid into bed next to her. He watched her as she slept, he watched her chest rise and fall as she breathed. He waited for the dramatic moment when she would see him in her bed and get the shock of her life but she continued sleeping. He couldn’t wait any longer. He propped himself on the elbow and put his other hand on her belly. Since she had moved out of the house without taking anything with her, she obviously did not have change of clothes and since she felt secured in the locked hotel room she was sleeping in her undergarments. Her belly felt warm to his touch; his hands were always cold, which helped him appreciate the warmth of someone else’s body but, at the same time his cold touch was not liked by others.

She felt a cold touch on her belly and opened her eyes. She saw him in her bed, propped up on his elbow, watching her. She was about to scream when he covered her mouth with his, he pinned her down with both his hands, his grip tight on her wrists and he climbed on top of her.
He saw the realization in her eyes, of the horror that was about to follow. She tried to free herself but his grip was stronger. She fought back, trying to free her hands. She tried to push him away, bringing her knee between their bodies and tried to kick him but he was faster – he let go off one of her hands and punched her across the face. The punch slowed her resistance but she continued to fight. 

He punched her again and watched as she blood oozed out from the corner of her mouth. Damn, he cursed. It was going to be messy. He did not like messy. He should have tied her first and then intoxicated her.
He had considered that but then he had told himself that there was no fun in that. He already knew how it felt when she was intoxicated; this time he needed her awake and conscious.
He put one hand on her throat, not pressing too hard since he did not want to choke her to death and with other hand he reached out to remove her underwear. When she struggled, he put one of his knees on her belly – that stopped her from moving and he managed to pull off the underwear.

He took a moment to take pride in his achievement and ended up lowering his guard. Frankly, he did not believe that the woman had it in her. She managed to bring her knee between their bodies and pushed him away. As he fell on his back on the bed, she climbed on top of him and pressed hard on his groin with her knee. She punched him across his face and he tasted blood. She punched him several times without giving him a  chance to react.

Damn, this woman was stronger than he thought she was, he thought as he watched the woman punching him in the face and then she kicked him in the groin. And then, he faded away.
When he opened his eyes, he was still naked but his wrists were tied to the bedpost and so were his ankles with his own clothes. The woman had ripped his clothes apart to use them for binding. She was fully dressed and sitting on the couch, watching him. He felt vulnerable for the first time. He was sprawled naked in bed and the bedsheet was lying on the floor. He looked at her as she continued watching him, sitting cross-legged on the couch. Her face was swollen and one eye was closed shut; there was a cut on her lip and dried blood at the corner of the lip, yet – her gaze made him shiver.

Under other circumstances, a woman watching his naked body would have aroused him; but right now, he was scared of her. He tried to free his wrists but could not. A minute later, someone knocked on the door.
She got up to open the door and a police officer stepped in. The officer looked at him tied naked to the bed and then looked at her and gave her a smile.
Few constables stepped inside the room and walked towards him. One of them threw a towel over his body and other freed his wrists and ankles. They handcuffed him and waited for instructions from the officer who was talking to the woman who had managed to beat the shit out of him.
“You need a doctor; I will ask the manager to send one to your room” the officer assured her and then signalled the constables to take him away.

On his way out, he saw her fiancé standing outside the door. Obviously, she had called him. He wondered what kind of man he was, to come to meet his fiancee in a hotel after they had a fight not long ago. He could never understand this kind of love and loyalty; he had never seen it in his life, nor had he ever done that for another human being. The constables should have continued walking but they stopped right in front of him. The man played the sickest joke on him; he pulled away the towel and everybody started to laugh. He turned to look inside the room and saw her laughing as well. Her fiancé stepped inside the room and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

The constables dragged him away but not before nodding their heads in the direction of the man. They all were in it. The police officer, despite knowing what had happened, continued walking. He cringed as every person in the hotel looked and laughed at his nudity.

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