Story 95

She knew this was not the time to explain it to him. He was hurt because of her. She looked at him for one last time before leaving him, before stepping out of his house. She did not know where to go; she had recently given up her rented apartment because she had moved in with him. They were taking their relationship seriously and were about to take the big step. He had proposed marriage to her and they would have gotten married in a few months had this unfortunate incident not occurred. She was not prepared for this; and, she could not blame him for reacting the way he did.

Whatever had happened, it was before they were exclusive but it still made an impact because she had kept that part of her life a secret. Not that she did that on purpose, she had forgotten about it. But, she had told him about losing her virginity on prom night and he had told her about his past relationships; it was not wrong for him to expect that she should have told him about this.

It was just a one-time affair but it had happened. One time or a continued affair, it had the same impact; especially when the involved parties came face to face again in front of the third person who was in a serious relationship with one and a good friend to another. She sighed and sat under a tree on the side of the road. She adjusted her skirt and brought her knees close to her chest. She was exhausted.


It had happened almost a year ago, she was drunk during a girl’s night out after a fight with him. This man was seated at the table across theirs and had been watching her. He even sent drinks to her table. She got so drunk that when the girls got to go, she turned around to look at him and winked at him. The man was momentarily startled but then he smiled and winked back. The girls got out of the pub, all went their ways except her. She waited outside the pub, smoking a cigarette and making circles of smoke in air, waiting for the man to step out. Eventually, he did. She blew the smoke in his face, walked closer to him and then tripped. The man put his arm around her and steadied her.
"I am drunk" she told him as if he did not know already.
"Me too" he said.
"I cannot drive" she said.
“Me neither, but that does not matter since I do not have a car.” He replied
“Me neither” she said and started laughing. The next moment the man covered her mouth with his. She could smell alcohol in his breath and she was sure so could he. They kissed until they were out of breath. Then, the man took her arm and started to walk away from the pub. She went along with him. They walked into a motel and booked a room for the night.

The man did not waste much time once inside the room. He undressed and waited for her to do the same but she did not. She kept staring at him, when he could not take it any longer he moved closer and started to undress her. She pushed him away and ran towards the bathroom and vomited in the commode. She flushed the contents and fell on the floor in the bathroom. She did not remember much about that night. Just that – when she woke up she was sleeping naked in bed, next to this man. She tried to get up but fell back on the pillow. Her head hurt. She looked around – their clothes were scattered on the floor, his near the main door and hers closer to the bed. She got up slowly and picked up her clothes and walked to the bathroom. She took a shower and checked herself in the mirror. She had a hickey on her neck. Shit, she whispered.

She tried to remember what had happened at night but she could not recollect anything. She had never been so drunk in her life before. Her body ached. She dried herself and put on her clothes. Taking a deep breath, she opened the bathroom door.

The man was still sleeping. She decided to slip out of the room silently. She tiptoed towards the main door, opened it and walked out leaving the man alone on the bed.


That night was the first and the last time she had seen him or heard from him until tonight. The headlights of a passing-by car shone into her eyes and she used her hand to shield her eyes from the light. She was cold and she had nowhere to go. She just had to spend the night somewhere and tomorrow, she would go back to him and try to explain, she convinced herself. The car stopped at some distance and then reversed back. She stood up.
The car stopped in front of her and the person inside rolled down the window. He was the same man who had come back from the past and ruined her.
“Get in the car” the man said
“Go away.” She shouted back at him and started to walk. The man kept following her in car, “get in” he pleaded.
“I am sorry, I did not know you were with him.” He explained.
“Just leave me alone.” She yelled. Some people turned around to see what was happening.
“Please do not create a scene and humiliate me. I know you have nowhere to go, I will book you into a hotel and then, tomorrow we will explain it to him together.” He said
“How do you know I have nowhere to go?”
“You would not be sitting under the tree if you had some place to go, plus he told me that you had moved in with him.” He explained.
“Please get in” he pleaded again. She thought for a while and got into the car.
“Thanks” he said and stepped on the accelerator. People shook their heads as both of them got away from the place together in the car.

She did not look at him or talk to him all the way to the hotel where he booked a room for her. She did not care to ask where he was staying or where he was going to go from here. She did not want him to be there to convince her fiancé and she told him that on his face.
“I will pay back for this hotel room when I get back with him.” She told the man. The man smiled and walked away.
She stepped into the room and freshened up. She did not order room service or bother to have dinner, she did not have any cash on her. She had even left her mobile in his house. She had just stepped out of the house, hoping that he would come searching for her. But, instead of seeing her fiancé she had to face the man who was the last person she wanted to see.


They were expecting a guest.
“He’s a good friend of mine...” Her fiancé had told her.
When she saw the man, she knew she had seen him somewhere but she could not recollect until the man had refreshed her memory.
“Remember me?” he had asked.
“I know you from somewhere.” She had replied.
He told her about the night and she remembered.
“We had a good time together.” He said moving closer to her.
“But you slipped out of the motel room and did not give me a chance to thank you for the wonderful night. It was the best sex I ever had in my life.” He said as he pinned her against the wall of the library they were in. Her fiancé had gone to answer a phone call and she could hear him in the living room.

“I did not know you were friends with him.” The man had said nodding towards her fiancé. She wanted to tell him that she was not just a friend, she was his fiancée. But before she could say anything, the man covered her mouth with his. He put his hand on her waist and pulled her closer as he continued kissing her, pushing his tongue inside her mouth even though she did not respond. It was late for her to realize that her fiancé was no longer on the phone.
She saw him standing at the door, watching them. She pushed the man away and ran towards her fiancé who had started to walk away from them.
“It’s not what you think” she said and her fiancé turned around to look at her.
“Get out” he said.
Two words full of hatred and betrayal. She wanted to make him understand but she knew this was not the time. He was hurt because of her. She looked at him for one last time before leaving him, before stepping out of his house. She should have not left the house.

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