Story 7

He was just an ordinary guy, someone who would easily go unnoticed in crowd – or even a group of people. He was the kind of guy who always preferred to stay in the shadows; until he met her. He worked in an insurance company, but his work did not involve going out in the field, winning customers. He had a job that did not require much interaction with anyone – he worked in the filing department. Taking care of all the papers and making a digital copy of it, keeping records of all the clients etc. He came to the office before everyone and was the last to leave.

She was one of the doctors on panel for the insurance company and their paths had crossed for the first time when she had come to him asking for help. She needed help with a client’s details. Since the servers were down there was no way she could access the digital copy from her office and it was already closing time, there was no one who could get the file for her. He was not expecting anyone to be in the office, he was listening to Mozart as he did his work. He had almost fallen off his chair when she had knocked on the door.

He was embarrassed the moment she stepped into his little office. There were files scattered all over the desk, loose papers lying around held together with paper weights. There were a few files lying on the floor as well.

He muttered an apology for the mess as she bent down to pick up a file lying near the door. 
“How can I help you?” he stammered
“I needed a client’s file. It is kind of urgent.” She spoke, her voice ringing with confidence and authority.
He could not search the database on the server so he checked for the records on his personal computer.  When he could not find the digital copy he searched the hard copies. She helped him with it. He should have arranged the files in proper order, he thought as he saw her going through the files at random and keep them in a specific order. He was embarrassed further. 
It was she who finally found the file. She thanked him anyways and walked out of the office.

He met her for the second time in the elevator. He became shorter than he was with embarrassment and tried to hide behind the others in the elevator. But, she saw him and not only did she see him, she acknowledged his presence by saying hello. He simply smiled.

They met again in the parking lot. She was searching her purse for the keys to her car as he struggled to kick start his old scooter. She gave up searching for the keys realizing that she had forgotten them in the office and there was no way to get them back until the next day. He was finally able to kick start the scooter and was about to ride away when she called out to him and asked if he could care enough to give her a ride home. He was speechless. She took it as a yes and sat on the scooter taking the support of his shoulders to adjust her on the back seat.

He dared to drove over to her apartment the next day and offered to take her to the office. She willingly accepted. At lunch time, she came to his office asking him whether he wished to join him for lunch. As they walked out of the office together everyone in the office stared at them.
They went out on a couple of dates before she finally told him that she loved him. She proposed marriage and he said yes.
They got married in a few weeks. They took leave together to go on their honeymoon. When they came back, he asked to be promoted. He reminded them how much they needed him in the company. Confidence and manipulation overflowed with each word that he spoke that day. 
The same day his wife handed over her resignation letter to the managing director.

He was promoted, her resignation was accepted.

Whenever her friends called her, inquired about her well-being she told them she was fine. On being asked for the reason for quitting her job she told them that she wanted to stay back and take care of the house. 

He cleaned his office, arranging all the files in alphabetical order. His desk was clean now, all papers sorted out. No sign of disorder what-so-ever.

Every night he came back to a house he thought was messier. He yelled at her, asking her to keep the house clean. He made her wipe the dining table thrice until it was spotless. She did as he wanted and then he rewarded her with his love. 
She could never refuse to offer herself to him even though she was dead tired after a long day of working at home. Scrubbing the kitchen floor, doing laundry, sweeping and mopping the floor. 
She loved him and she knew that he loved her too. He made her work hard but he was at least better than the husbands who beat up their wives, she tried to console herself.
She did not regret the decision to marry him, she could not dare go down that lane because if it finally struck her that it was a bad decision she had made, it would mean that her parents were right about him. She could not give up now.
So, she continued going through the hardships considering it to be a phase in her life.

He was not a bad man, all that she had to do was wait for the timid man she had fallen in love with to surface. 

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