Story 6

She sneaked out of her room and went out to the veranda. She needed to breathe fresh air. She had been ordered to stay inside her room for the whole day. She never liked it inside the room, it was so suffocating. She loved the veranda and the backyard. She loved the fresh air. She loved looking at the night sky. She loved playing in the backyard with him. He was many years elder to her but when he was with her he became her age. His mother did not like that he spent so much time playing with her in the backyard.

“What would people say?” His mother always complained. “I don’t care what people say.” He always replied. He also said something about minding business but she never understood it. Mainly because when he said that he always wrapped her in a bear hug. She liked it in his arms. She did not know why her father had abandoned her and sent her to stay with these people. Not only that, he had a big function before sending her away. Her friends who were few years elder told her that she was being married. She remembered crying for hours until he had come in her room and talked to her. She had liked him instantly. He was not the age of the boys she used to play with often. He even had a moustache. He had made her understand what was happening. He told her that her father was going out on a journey and needed someone to take care of her. It was then that he had promised her father that he would take care of her.

“Would you play with me?” she had asked.
“Yes.” He had said and since that day onwards he had kept his word. Even though the other elders of the house did not like it, he read stories to her, he fed her from his plate, he played hide and seek with her. But, he did not let her sleep with him when she was scared. She never understood why. His mother and grandmother warned her not to enter his room; but she did when they were not looking. She liked cleaning his room, dusting the furniture and folding his clothes. Once he had walked out on her by mistake. He had just stepped out of the bathroom and was wearing only a towel. That was the first time he had been angry on her and scolded her for being in his room. He had asked her to leave immediately and she had rushed out, wailing.

After some time he had come to her room and said sorry. When she did not stop crying he had placed his hands on his ears and apologized again making faces to make her laugh. And she had laughed. One night he had come to her room and woken her up. Placing a finger on his lips he had asked her not to speak and then they both had sneaked out of the room, into the veranda, through the backyard and out of the house. He picked her up in his arms and walked faster. He said no one should see them together. He took her to a small house nearby. No one stayed in that house and it was dark but she was not scared because he was with her. Then he had lit a lantern using the match stick he took out from his pocket. “Wait here” he had told her and then stepped out of the house.

It was only after he went out did she start feeling scared. She did not like it there. Moments later he came back. He was not alone. There was a girl with him. The girl was beautiful. They held hands. She felt like crying. He introduced the girl to her saying that he was in love with this girl and soon she could be her best friend. The girl smiled looking at her and said hello. “You do not love me?” She had asked surprising both him and the girl. “Of course I love you.” He had said smiling. “This is different. I won’t play with her like I play with you. You would always be special. I will be gone for a few days and then I will come back with her. Then, I will take you with us. You can stay with us.” He told her.

She did not understand why it was necessary for him to leave and why this girl had to be here. He made her promise that she would keep this a secret. She promised. That same night he ran away with the girl. She did not tell anyone that she knew. She had promised her best friend that she would keep it a secret. But, she missed him. She wanted him to come back soon. He had returned after many days but she was not allowed to see him. The girl was back too; she was hurt, she had a wound on her forehead. His mother and grandmother did not talk to the girl. The girl was crying, she went to the girl and tried to wipe her tears; that’s when his mother and grandmother knew that she knew about the girl. They had pulled her away from the girl and made to go inside her room. She was asked to stay inside and not come out until asked. From inside her room she heard screaming. The girl was crying, begging his mother to let her stay. But his mother yelled ‘get out’ and then there was silence.

From the gap in the door she saw the girl sitting outside his room. She was sobbing. The door was closed. His mother and grandmother were perhaps inside the room. That’s when the girl saw her peeking through the door. The girl got up and walked towards her room “We were coming back for you when we met with an accident.” The girl told her. “They won’t let me stay, they won’t let me see him. He is hurt. He needs me. I want to be with him. Please tell them to let me in.” The girl pleaded. She did not understand everything that the girl said but it was enough knowing that he was hurt. She started crying. The girl took her in arms and whispered, “Please, please do not cry. He will never forgive me if he knew that I made you cry. He loves you so much.” The door to his room opened and his mother walked out. Seeing the two girls in an embrace his mother got very angry and pulled her away from the girl and slapped her.

Then she held the girl by her arm and pushed her outside the house. His mother asked her to go back inside her room. Few days later she had woken up suddenly at night after hearing screams coming out of his room. She ran towards the room and saw his mother crying. His grandmother was crying too. There was a stranger in his room, he was wearing a white coat. She knew he was a doctor, she had seen a doctor before when her mother had died. Seeing the doctor here she thought he was going to die too. She was scared to move, she was scared to enter the room. His mother saw her standing at the door and for the first time asked her to come inside. When she went inside she saw him lying on the bed. His grandmother told her that her husband was dead. She stared at his grandmother. His mother told her that her best friend was dead; that’s when she started crying. She hugged him and cried as they were taking away her best friend. That’s when she saw the girl outside the house.

His mother and grandmother cursed the girl saying that he was dead because he ran away with her. But she remembered the girl had told her that they were on their way home to take her with them. That’s why he was dead. “I will come back at night.” The girl had whispered before going away. 

She sneaked out of her room and went out to the veranda. She needed to breathe fresh air. She had been ordered to stay inside her room for the whole day. She never liked it inside the room, it was so suffocating. She loved the veranda and the backyard. She loved the fresh air. She loved looking at the night sky. She loved playing in the backyard with him. But he was not there to play with her anymore.

She stood there silently. Waiting. After some time she saw a shadow outside the door. She ran towards it and the girl stepped into the light. She rushed into the girl’s arms and the girl held her tight, close to her chest. “He wanted us to be together, let’s go.” The girl said and they walked out of the house.

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