Story 107

Concluding part of the Story that started as Story 103, continued as Story 104, Story 105 and Story 106.

She stepped into her house and sat on the couch.
Her head hurt. The hangover, not only of the drinks but also of the events that followed, made it difficult for her to think.

She closed her eyes and tried to relax but failed miserably. She followed her meditation techniques, did reverse counting, concentrated on her breathing, hummed a song in her head, nothing worked. She tried to go to her happy place and the time she spent with him in bed in the morning flashed in front of her eyes.
She opened her eyes. This was not helping.

She called her agency, luckily her friend at the front desk answered the call.
“Don’t take any clients for the day.” She said
“Not even him?” her friend asked.
“No, I will take him.” she replied innocently and then realized that her friend was teasing her.
“What’s the deal with you two? What did you do that makes him want more of you?” the girl asked.
“Don’t fall in love with him.” the girl added.

She had zoned out of the conversation, but the last statement jolted her right back in.
“huh?” she asked
“Oh my God. You ARE in love with him.” the girl said in excited tone.
“Of course not! The sex is too good.” She lied.
“You should charge him double the next time.” The girl suggested.
“Hmm, maybe I will.” She said. “For now, when he calls please patch him through to my private number, will you?” she requested.
“Sure” the girl said.

She hung up and walked to the bedroom. She stepped out of the dress and neatly folded it. She kept it on the bed and walked to the bathroom. She filled the tub with hot water and added rose geranium bath salt to it. She opened a bottle of wine and poured herself a drink.
She took out an aspirin from the medicine cabinet and gulped it down with the wine. Then, she took off the undergarments and stepped into the tub.

She closed her eyes and felt her body relax as the hot water caressed her body.


He finished his drink after she walked out of the door and poured another one. He was getting used to the sex. He was ruining his life. But, ruining his life with her felt good. It was all that he wanted to do. It had become an addiction. He ignored the calls from his office.

He got up and walked to the bedroom, sat on the bed and picked up the pillow she had rested her head on. It still smelled of her hair. He loved the smell of her hair. He felt aroused. He unzipped his jeans, walked to the bathroom and masturbated, breathing into the pillow. It was for the first time that he was thinking of her as he came; sadly, it was into a toilet paper.
He zipped his jeans and washed his hands. He did not know what was happening to him; whatever it was, it felt good.

He picked up the bike keys and stepped out of the house. He went to a shopping mall and stepped into a lingerie shop. He bought a satin gown. It would look good on her, he thought.
He took out his mobile phone from his jeans pocket and dialled the number of her agency and told the girl at the desk that he wanted to book her for tonight. “Hold on” the girl said; it was the first time he was asked to hold on. He waited as soft jazz played into the earpiece.


It seemed as if it was minutes ago that she had stepped into the tub. She had just begun to relax when her private phone beeped. She straightened up and hurriedly stepped out of the tub, wrapping a towel around herself she rushed to pick up the phone.
“Hello” she said breathlessly.
“It’s him” the girl from the desk said.
“Okay.” She replied in a calm voice.
“Hello” she repeated, this time it was to him.
“Hello” he replied, surprised.
“I am sorry about what I did in the morning.” He said. “What are you doing for lunch?” he asked.
She wanted to say that she was free, but she decided against it. “Why” she asked instead.
“I want to take you out for lunch.” He said.
“I don’t do lunches.” She replied flatly.
“I will see you tonight, then.” He said.
“Okay” she replied, and he hung up.

She held on to the phone, thinking about what had just happened. It was a dull conversation. They were so good together in bed; but when it came to conversations, they both sucked!

She went back to the bathroom and cleaned herself under the shower. She got dressed and walked to the kitchen. She would have loved to have lunch with him, but the alternative was not bad, either. She was going to cook a meal. She had been ordering from outside for past few days but today, she was in the mood to cook.
When she was finished cooking, she filled a plate for herself and sat cross-legged on the floor, that’s how she liked to eat her meals at home.
She finished her meal and stored the rest of the food in container and kept it in the refrigerator.

She slid into bed and switched on the TV. She fell asleep watching a movie.


He could not believe that he had asked her out for lunch. He was disappointed that she had refused to have lunch with him. At least, she had agreed to meet at night. He connected to the agency again and paid for the night using his credit card.
“What was he supposed to do for the rest of the day?” he wondered and right on time there was a call from his office.

He changed his mind and attended the call. His secretary had called to remind him of an important meeting; he told her he was on his way.
Time for some work, he thought. Surprisingly, he was in a good mood.

He walked into the office and saw his staff staring at him. When he walked past a full-length mirror he understood why they were staring at him. He was smiling. It had been a long-time since people had seen him smiling. It had been a long-time since he had seen himself smiling. It was going to be a productive day, he told himself as he stepped into his cabin.


This time, she did not take efforts to look good for him. She put on the same dress she was wearing in the morning, the one he had given her to wear. She carried an extra one in her purse and stepped out of the house without wearing any perfume. The cab was already waiting to take her to his place. She smiled at the cab-driver who put on music without her having to tell him. She was in a good mood and her happiness radiated out of her, engulfing the surrounding people into the happiness bubble.

Luckily, she reached his place faster than the last time. She expected him to be outside the elevator when the doors opened but he was not there. The main door of his penthouse was closed. She walked to the door and was about to ring the doorbell when she heard soft music coming from inside. She smiled.

She rang the doorbell and waited. He took his time to open the door. He was not dressed like previous nights. He was wearing a worn-out tee and jeans. There was a napkin thrown over his shoulder.
“Come in” he said with a smile on his face. It was contagious. She smiled as well.
“I hope you do dinners.” He said. “Because I am cooking.” He added.
She looked at him, too surprised to say anything.
“Make yourself comfortable, I need to go back to the kitchen” he said and rushed inside.
She walked towards the couch and sat down; dizzy with emotions. What was happening? What was he doing? Why was he doing this? She could not wrap her head around it.
She never did dinners, not with clients, not even when she was alone; but she could not tell him that. She was going to have dinner tonight.

She stood up and walked reluctantly towards the kitchen. She did not want to be pushed away by him again. But, when he saw her walking slowly towards him, he called out to her.
“Would you taste this for me?” he asked and signalled her to join him.
She went to the kitchen and tasted the gravy. It was good. Suddenly, she was hungry. She watched as he cooked. It felt strange to stand in the kitchen and watch him cook, stranger was the fact how her body reacted to this – she went through the whole deal– the going-weak-in-the-knees, butterflies in her stomach and heart-skipping-a-beat. She felt like a teenager falling in love for the first time. She could not take it anymore; she walked towards him and held his arm. When he turned towards her, she kissed him on the mouth. He kissed her back with equal passion. He switched off the burner and picked her up in his arms. He did not take her to the bedroom; instead he placed her on the couch. It was time for a quickie. He ran his hand over her thighs and lifted her dress and took off the panties; he unzipped his jeans and took her right there on the couch. They both climaxed at the same time. He got up and zipped his jeans.

“Let’s have dinner” he said.
He served dinner and she joined him at the dining table.
“Bon app├ętit” he said and started to eat.
She picked up a spoon and began eating. The food was good. This guy was a complete package. He was good in bed and he could cook; he was rich, but it was not a big deal to her – she could live with it, even if he earned enough to survive. She was the highest paid escort, but her lifestyle was simpler as compared to the rest of the women.
She closed her eyes and shook her head. What was she thinking?

She wanted to ask him what was all this but she could not gather enough courage. She did not want to ruin the experience. She was having a good time. She wanted to live in this fantasy bubble for as long as she could. 


On his way back from office, he went grocery shopping. He was feeling happy after a long time. It took ejaculating in a toilet paper to realize that he was in love with the woman he was having sex with and not merely with the idea that she resembled the woman he loved. He once loved, he corrected himself. He had been a fool desiring someone he could never have. He had become a sex-maniac having sex with prostitutes, pretending that he was having sex with the woman he loved. 
This woman had changed everything. She had changed him. She made him happy. He felt like working after a long time, he was back in the game.
When he had seen himself smiling in the mirror, he had known that he had finally managed to get rid of the past.

He reached home and changed into comfortable clothes. Tonight, he was not going to be dressed like he did all these days – like a rich man about to have sex with an escort. Tonight, he was going to be himself, cooking for the woman who had changed his life.

He was busy cooking and did not know what time it was, but his heart skipped a beat when the doorbell rang. She was already here!
He opened the door to her and invited her in.
“I hope you do dinners.” He said. “Because I am cooking.” He added.

He smiled at her, he could not stop smiling. She was wearing the dress he had given her. He noticed she was not wearing any perfume.
He asked her to be comfortable and rushed to the kitchen. A while later he saw her approaching him reluctantly; she was obviously scared that he would push her away again but this time he invited her in the kitchen.

He did not know what got into her, but she reached out to him suddenly and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed her back and picked her up in his arms and took her to the couch for a quickie. He felt like a teenager, making love to the girl he had just fallen in love with.


They finished their dinner in silence. He got up to clean the plates after dinner and she joined him. Tonight, they both behaved like a regular couple. There was nothing regular about their relationship. He was a rich man who had paid for her services and she was an escort who had to fulfil his needs. The thought was back in her head, she dropped a plate by mistake and it shattered to pieces on the floor.
“Careful” he said, reflexively pulling her towards him.
“I will clean it up” she said and looked around for a brush and dustpan.
“Let me do it.” He said and took out the brush and dustpan from the cabinet under the kitchen sink.

He squatted and started cleaning the broken pieces of the plate; she squatted next to him.
“I cannot do this” she whispered.
He looked at her and asked, “Do what?”
“This.” She said tears in her eyes. “I have to go.” She added.
“You cannot leave.” He said immediately.
“I will ask the agency to reimburse the money.” She said
“It’s not about the money.” He clarified. “I want you to stay. Please.” He pleaded.

He threw the broken pieces of the plate in the dustbin and kept the brush and the dustpan back under the sink.
“Come here” he said and pulled her closer, holding her hands in his and then kissed her on the mouth. She did not respond at first but then she gave in.

He took her to the bedroom. He took out the satin gown he had bought for her, he had it gift wrapped. He handed her the package and said, “I bought this for you.”
She took the package from his hand and opened it.

He walked closer to her and unzipped the dress. She let him undress her. She stepped out of the dress and he put it on a hanger and opened the wardrobe. She could not stop from looking inside. There were no dresses in the wardrobe; instead there was an empty space, waiting to be filled. He kept the dress inside and turned to face her. She was still standing in her undergarments, holding the satin gown in her hand. He walked to her, took the gown from her and unhooked the bra. It was time for the routine, she thought. She did not know what she would do if he took someone else’s name tonight. She had reached a place where she could not take it anymore. The hurt it would cause her would ruin her beyond repair. She closed her eyes expecting him to pick her up and place her on the bed; instead she felt the soft fabric of the satin gown on her bare shoulders.

She opened her eyes, he was dressing her. Something, no one had done ever before. She watched him as he helped her put her arms through the sleeves. Tears rolled down her cheeks and he licked them away. He picked her up in his arms and placed her on the bed. He kissed her on the mouth.
He switched off the lights and moved closer to her. He wrapped an arm around her and asked, “What’s your name?”

He had asked her a simple question, but it was full of unsaid promise. She knew, the next time he came into her, the name he would call out would be hers.

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