Story 89

She looked at him as the whole group laughed and then remembered what her friend had once told her. ‘When you are in a group, you often look towards the person you love as you laugh’. She had never thought about it before but she had started thinking about it after a few ‘relationship’ lessons from her friend.

Her friend had, in her own way, confirmed that even he was interested in her and that she should not wait for him to take the initiative. She gave it a thought, she spent sleepless nights thinking about him and about how she was going to approach him.

Then, one fine day she made the move. They had just walked out of the college campus. He was with his friends and she was with hers. She felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach as he waved goodbye to his friends and walked alone towards the bus-stop. Her friend pushed her in his direction and she, along with the other friends turned in another.
She walked faster to reach him and called out to him when she was close enough. He stopped and turned around to look at her.

‘Hey’ he said with a wide grin on his face.
‘Hi’ she said and added, ‘Do you have a minute?’
‘Yes, sure. What’s wrong?’ he asked
‘Nothing’s wrong.’ She said and then wondered whether she was doing the right thing. It was too late to back up now. Or maybe, she could. She’d make some excuse and walk away or lie about what she wanted to talk to him about.
‘You are blushing’ he said and smiled. She was embarrassed.
‘What is it? Tell me.’ He insisted
‘I love you’ she blurted out.
He stared at her, too shocked to say anything. And then, he smiled.
‘I love you, too’ he said and walked closer to hold her hand. He took her hand in hers and started walking.
‘Let’s go somewhere and talk.’ He said. She agreed.

They walked through various lanes and he finally stopped at a spot.
‘This is where I like to spend time alone’ he said. She looked around – the place was deserted.
‘Since when have you been feeling like this about me?’ he asked, her hand still in his.
‘It’s been a while.’ She said and gave a nervous smile.
‘I’ve been interested in you since the first time I saw you.’ He said and pulled her closer.
‘You have great lips’ he said and kissed her on the lips. She did not know what to do.
‘You have never kissed before?’ he asked.
She shook her head.
‘And you have?’ she asked, wondering whom he had kissed.
‘No. But I have read a lot about it. I thought you must have. Anyways. Let’s get out of here, it is getting late.’ He said and started walking. She followed, slightly relaxed that they were getting out of that place. She did not like it there.
He said he would drop her home and she said okay. She asked him to drop her a few lanes before hers, she did not want anyone to see them together, at least for a while, she told him.
She walked ahead and he followed her at a distance. He had to see where she lived. He watched her walk inside the house and then walked away.
That night, he sent her a video on WhatApp, of a couple kissing. She smiled.

They met every day after college. They went to the same spot, he made sure that no one followed them. They kissed almost every day.
‘You are a good kisser’ he told her as he ran his hand over her waist. He placed his hand on the small of her back and pulled her closer, his hand then moved down towards her bottom and he squeezed it. He waited for her to react but when she did not he moved further down towards her thigh and then lifted her skirt. With one hand under her skirt, he bent forward to kiss her on the lips. Before she knew, his other hand was on her breast.
She moved back.
‘I am sorry. I didn’t mean to do it, it just happened. Please don’t walk away.’ He pleaded. She stepped closer to him.
‘I won’t touch you like that until you ask me to.’ He said and she relaxed.

Back home, she wanted to tell her friend about what had happened between them. She wanted to hear from her friend that it was normal for couples in love to do that. She picked up the phone to call her friend and saw the text he had sent her. He did not want her to tell anyone about their relationship because he did not want people to gossip about them. She kept the phone back on her bed. She closed her eyes and re-lived that moment with him. She thought she had overreacted when he had touched her breast. Now, thinking about it – it had in fact felt good.

Her mobile beeped and she saw the display. It was a video from unknown number, of a couple kissing and the man fondling his partners breast. She knew it was him. She felt aroused. She asked him why he was sending her a message from a different number and he said that he had bought this sim exclusively for her. He asked her whether she had watched the video. She said yes. He did not send any message and she realized he was waiting for her to say something about the video.

‘I want to know how that feels like’ she wrote to him.
‘Now?’ he asked. She wanted to say yes but she did not. ‘Tomorrow’ she replied.
‘Oh’ he replied and sent a sad emoticon. ‘I am standing outside your house.’ He told her. She jumped out of the bed and ran towards the window. He waved as he saw her.
‘What are you doing here?’ she sent him a message.
‘I was missing you.’ He replied and then asked her whether she could come to meet him.
‘Okay’ she replied and sneaked out of the house. She signalled him to follow her and he did. They met on the lane behind her house. He moved closer to kiss her but she stopped him. She held his hand and pulled him in a different direction. She walked through a few lanes and finally stopped at a spot. Then, she pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips. He surprised her by pushing his tongue inside her mouth. Somehow, this was more intimate than his hand over her breast. She let his tongue explore her mouth. They were breathless when they stopped.
‘Wow’ he exclaimed and she blushed.

‘You want to do it?’ he asked and she nodded. He moved closer and put his hand on her breast. His hand felt warmer through the thin fabric of night dress than it had felt over her uniform. She closed her eyes as he fondled.
Then, he slid his hand inside the dress and she felt his hand over her bare skin. She gasped but she did not move back, he did not stop either.
They kissed as he continued to fondle and then he stopped suddenly.
‘It’s late, you should go home’ he said and looked sheepishly down towards his track-suit pant. She saw it too.
‘Bye’ he said and ran away from her. Leaving her alone in semi-darkness. She walked back home, smiling.

When they met in college the other day, he apologized for leaving her alone like that. He had to take care of something, he told her and laughed. She laughed with him.
Her friend saw them laughing together and asked for update on their love life but she preferred not to say much because they preferred to keep it a secret for a while.
Her mobile beeped during one of the lectures and she knew it was a message from him. She had set a different alert tone for him. She had never done it before but she did it now, she took out the mobile and saw that he had sent her a photo. She decided to open it after the lecture and when she finally opened in the girls’ room, she was glad she had not opened the message in the classroom.

The photo was of an erection and he had captioned it – ‘This is what you do to me’
She knew it was not just any image, he had taken a personal shot. She deleted the message, did not want to risk anyone seeing it and then replied.
‘I am glad’.

When they met at their spot after college he let her touch him as he continued touching her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to his body, his bulge pressing against her thighs.
He stopped suddenly and moved away.
‘We have to go.’ He said and picked up his backpack.
She picked up her backpack reluctantly and started walking with him. She did not like how he made all the decisions; how he stopped when he wanted to. She wanted more. She was ready to be taken.

As if understanding what was going on in her mind he said, ‘I want you more than you can imagine. But not like this, not here.’ She nodded. She told him she understood.
He did not call or message her that night. Her messages were not delivered either. He did not come to college a few days after that. She became worried. She tried calling him on the number they used and also on his regular number, both were switched off.
She had no way to get in touch with him. He had disappeared from her life. She did not know what to make of it. She wondered what had gone wrong.
Then, one night she received a message from him.
‘I tried but it is impossible to stay away. I want this…’
A video followed the message he had sent. It was of a couple having sex.
‘Yes’ she replied without waiting a moment to think. She jumped out of bed and ran towards the window. She was disappointed. He was not outside her house.
‘Tomorrow. Let’s skip college’ he messaged
‘okay’ she replied.
She could not sleep that night.

They met the next day at the bus-stop near the college but instead of walking towards the college they walked away from it. They were holding hands. They were too busy talking to notice that they were being followed.
They walked into a cheap hotel and booked a room.
She shivered with anticipation as he closed the door of the room.

‘I forgot to buy a condom’ he said and looked embarrassed.
She did not know what to say. She wanted to insist that he should get one but she considered telling him that it was okay.
‘I will get one right now’ he said, saving her from making a decision.
He stepped out of the room and she locked the door. She looked around the room, it was small and did not have any windows. She opened the bathroom door and peeked inside and immediately made up her mind that she was not going to use it.
She heard a knock on the door and she smiled. He was back. She opened the door wide open for him.

They forced their way inside the room before she had the chance to close the door. One of them pushed her towards the bed and the last one to enter the room closed the door behind him and locked it.
She wanted to scream but she could not. They had stuffed a piece of cloth in her mouth and sealed it with a duct-tape. Their intentions were clear. They did not waste time.
One of them tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts while another one undressed her. 

‘You go first’ one of the guys said and the one who had undressed her; the guy she knew, the one from their group, unzipped his jeans and forcibly entered her. What was happening to her was nothing like the video of love-making she had seen. It was nothing like she had wanted to do with the man she loved. It felt as if she was being attacked by an animal. The animal she knew to be human. She struggled to get free, hurting herself even more. The man did not stop until he found his release. And then he laughed.

Another one took over and found his release. When it was the turn of the last one out of the four guys she knew from college, he said he was not interested in girls.
‘It does not matter’ said the one who had raped her first and pushed the guy towards her and laughed.
The guy unzipped his jeans and took off the duct-tape that covered her mouth. She was too exhausted to scream or stop what this guy was doing to her.

The first guy to rape her walked close to her and whispered, ‘Are you glad?’ as he untied her hands and legs and laughed. ‘We have been watching you for a long time.’ He said as he stroked her breast.
‘We like to share’ he said and hi-fived with his friends and walked towards the door.
She remembered the text she had sent. It meant he had shown her text to his friends. All this time, when he had asked her to keep the relationship secret from her friends, he had been talking about them with his friends. They had been watching her for a long time, the guy had said. Did it mean they had been spectator to her private moments with him? How could he do this to her? She thought and started crying. It was too late for her to realize that the guys had not really left. She felt the coldness of the blade as it touched her skin and then the warmth of her own blood.

A couple of lanes away from the hotel, his body was found near a dumpster with his throat slashed.

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