Story 24

She sat at her desk with a pen in her hand and a blank paper on the desk taunting her. She had been trying to write him a letter to tell him how she felt about him but words eluded her. It had been more than an hour since she had decided to write. Her wastepaper basket was overflowing with discarded letters.

She should have opted for digitalised version, she thought
Who writes a letter nowadays, when they can send an email? She said to herself.

The truth was, she wanted to make this special. They exchanged emails very often and somehow expressing her feelings via email seemed wrong. It had been six months ago when she had started feeling differently towards him. They had been friend since a long time, she loved spending time with him. They even walked home together from school. They studied together. He lived a couple of blocks away from her house and every Sunday he would come to her house for studies.

She finally capped her pen and kept it on the desk. Holding her head in her hands she wondered whether she would ever be able to tell him how she felt.
She could never tell him in person and now she realized it was difficult to write a letter, too.
It was almost study time. He would be here, in her room, sitting next to her, taking out his books from his backpack and placing on her desk to start studying. And, she would sit next to him, staring at her hands, affected by the warmth of his body next to her at the desk until he asked her what was wrong and she would then lie, as usual.

She got up from the desk and walked to the window. The clear sky and warm weather was inviting. Maybe they could skip studies for today and ride their bikes, she thought. Making up her mind she walked out of her room and called out to her mom.
“Mom, can I go out with him, ride my bike for some time before we sit down for studies?” she asked.
“Okay.” Her mother replied not taking her eyes away from the book she was reading.

She walked back to her room and changed into jeans and a white t-shirt. She looked out of the window and saw him coming towards her house. She rushed out of her room, yelled goodbye to her mother and dashed out of the main door before he could get down from his bike. 
“We are going for a ride.” She told him
“Oh” he said
She picked up her bike and started walking. He got down from his bike, turned it around and started walking besides her.
“Not in the mood to study?” he asked and smile.
“It’s lovely outside, let’s just ride bike for a while and then go back home for studies.” She told him
“Okay.” He replied but he was distracted. 
She followed his gaze to find out what was it that distracted him. They were walking past the house of one of the girls from the school; she was a cheerleader and she was beautiful. Her heart sank.
The whole point of getting him out of the house was to try and talk to him. It made no sense now. She feared the rumours were true. He was interested in the cheerleader.
She got on her bike and started pedalling.

“Hey, wait for me.” He yelled and pedalled hard to ride next to her. 
“What’s gotten into you.” He asked trying to match his pace to hers.
“Nothing.” She said and looked away lest he saw that tears had started to form in her eyes.
“Riding a bike with teary eyes is not a good idea.” He said and stopped his bike all of a sudden.
She continued for a distance before hitting the brakes. She stopped but did not look back at him. Tears now flowing over her cheeks. She wiped them with the back of her hand.
He walked towards her, one hand on his bike and one in his pocket. He took out a handkerchief and handed it to her which she took without looking at him. She wiped her tears and was about to return it to him when she thought of something. She blew her nose into the kerchief and then handed over to him. He made a face but took the kerchief from her. She laughed and he joined in.

“You are my friend, aren’t you?” he asked all of a sudden
“Umm hmm” she replied
“Then tell me what is bothering you.” He said
“Nothing” she lied.
“You want to know what is bothering me?” he asked
“What?” she asked without looking at him.
“The way you are biting your lower lip.” He said and she looked up, her watery brown eyes stared deep into his blue eyes. 
Suddenly embarrassed she looked away.
He mounted his bike and started to pedal. “Follow me” he said and she followed him. She had no other choice. He was a magnet pulling her towards him. If he said climb up to the top of the hill, she would. If he said jump, she would.

He turned his bike towards the woods and she followed. After riding for some distance he got down from his bike and parked his bike, supported by a tree. She followed suit. 
She turned around to face him but before she could see his face she felt his lips over hers. She pulled back, not because she did not want it, it was an involuntary movement because of the suddenness. 
“I am sorry, I don’t know what got into me!” he said and ran his fingers through his hair. 
“I was just surprised, that’s all.” She said and blushed. It was an invitation for him to try again. He hesitated and then walked closer.
He brought his lips closer to hers and she opened her mouth. He smiled and covered her mouth with his, their tongues doing the dance.

Sometimes words aren’t necessary, she thought as she wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist. They kissed until they could not kiss any longer and then they kissed again. 

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