Story 10

She was exhausted. She had been sitting in her chair for hours; listening to couples pour out their hearts, talking about their problems, their differences and their fears. After the session with her last client she finally stood up and stretched. Her shoulders were aching and the backache had returned as well. She walked to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet, gulped down a painkiller with a glass of water.

She looked at the mirror, a tired woman in her late thirties stared back at her. She removed her wrist watch and rolled up the sleeves of her white shirt. She splashed cold water over her face; she felt better as the cold water relaxed her tired nerves. She decided to extend the relaxation area to her shoulders and neck. She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off; hanging it on the hook on the door she picked up the face towel and held it under the tap. Placing the soaked towel on her aching shoulders she closed her eyes and tried visiting her happy place. The cold water felt better than hot water that most of the people preferred. She repeated the process on the other shoulder and her neck. Feeling rejuvenated she put on her shirt and walked out of the bathroom. Visiting her happy place had elevated her mood despite the bad sessions she had.

Two of her clients were on the verge of getting a divorce. They had finally confirmed their decision despite her attempts to try and mend things between them. The truth was, it was not possible for her to help them if they did not want to help themselves. It made no sense trying to do the thinking, figuring out and convincing on their part. The couple had to interact and actively participate in the session. On one hand she was glad in a way that one of the couples were finally getting a divorce. Their relationship was beyond repair; they deserved to be happy but sadly it was not with each other. 
On the other hand she felt sad for the other couple who were getting divorced – the husband was a PTSD patient, a war hero. He had done all that he could to save the relationship but his wife had given up on him. 

Perhaps the stress she felt in her shoulders was a result of her involvement with this client. Usually, she tried her best not to get too involved with her clients but it was different with this man. She felt sorry for the soldier; the man deserved to be happy but she could not blame his wife, either. She deserved to be happy as well. His nightmares were making her nervous, her patience had finally snapped when he had tried to strangulate her in his sleep as he was having a nightmare.

Some relationships are not meant to be. She thought about this advice her friend had given her. While she was a successful counsellor she could not save herself from the experience of a failed relationship. For a long time she had allowed her marriage to wear her down. She had given everything she could to the relationship. Instead of accepting that they were not compatible she had tried her level best to come up to the mark, make herself compatible with her husband. The failing relationship had started affecting her work. When she had talked to her friend regarding her marriage, her friend had told her that her relationship was one of those which were not meant to be. It did not make sense holding on to something that was going to slip away eventually. The only best part of the relationship was her six year old daughter. The little girl was her happy place. Whenever she felt stressed she thought about her little girl.

She knew that getting a divorce would be easy since her husband wanted out as well but she was worried about her daughter. She was afraid of the custody battle and the effect it would have on the innocent girl. Thankfully, even that had been a smooth ride. When she had asked for custody, he had willingly agreed to it. He did not want any part in the responsibility. Even though she was happy to have complete custody of her daughter; she hated the man for giving up so easily on their daughter. 
It had been two years since they had been officially divorced but it seemed like yesterday whenever she thought about it.

Being in this profession had not allowed her to get rid of her past easily. Whenever she came across cases where divorce was inevitable, it reminded her of her own failed relationship. Today was one such day. 
She tried to convince herself that her divorce had been a happy event in her life. 

She cleaned her desk and kept the case files in the top drawer. Picking up the keys she walked towards the door. It was time to go home. She closed the office and walked to her car in the parking lot. She inserted a CD in the music system and started the ignition. She reached home after a twenty minute drive. She slowed down as she reached her bungalow and looked towards the window on the ground floor. She saw a silhouette standing at the window and as she parked in the driveway she saw the curtains being closed and a moment later the main door was opened even before she could climb out of the car.

He walked a few steps towards her. She got down from the car and smiled at him. Walking closer to him, she thought how lucky she was to have been given a second chance. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. They walked back inside the house together. Her daughter who was watching her favourite cartoon got up and ran towards her. She got down on her knees and gave her daughter a tight hug. From the corner of her eyes she saw him staring at her. She loved the way he stared at her. She could read his expression and she was glad that she could. These expressions made it possible for her to stay strong and not get weighed down by the sessions with her clients. 
He was her second happy place. 

She had met him a year after her divorce and he had been her life support. He understood her, he accepted her mood swings, he handled her anger, and he managed bringing her out of the depression of her failed first marriage and most importantly he promised her a better future.

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