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Winners of the Lovingly Abusive Contest

Important: I am not obligated to mention this but - 

I understand and respect the sentiments of the participants and the voters, I request them to appreciate the process and not doubt it or my honesty. The money for all the prizes, including the consolation prizes is coming out of my pocket. I do NOT know any of the participants personally. There is NO cheating in the voting process. The poll is set up on servers and not on my personal website where I can modify the votes as per my liking. It makes no difference to me (personally) how someone who is on 3rd position comes to 1st or who is on 1st falls back to 2nd. 
I believe in transparency AND THEREFORE, made sure to mention the views as well as votes AND screenshot of the voting poll result windows.

There are 13 shortlisted entries of the Lovingly Abusive Contest; select your favourite from the list given below. Voting CLOSED. The poll has been split in two parts (exceeded maximum answer options allowed for a poll).
You can select multiple entries. The entries have been listed chronologically by the Title and not by ranking or my favourite.

The List of Short-listed Entries: 

Please Note: The default copyright of the website "(c) arti honrao, The Storyteller" does not apply to these entries. The copyright remains with the writer.

Vote and Views Statistics FINAL CHECK on 26th July 2020 at 05:50 am
  1. The Stalker - Sunita Ramaswamy - 376 votes, viewed 259 times.
  2. Instant Sparks - Bertram Allan Mullin - 364 votes, viewed 189 times.
  3. A World Lost - Chetan Dubey - 315 votes, viewed 543 times.
  4. The Monster Within - Chetan Dubey - 233 votes, viewed 64 times.
  5. The Night My Mother Cried - Merin Sabu - 99 votes, viewed 86 times.
  6. Decisions - Andrew Scott - 84 votes, viewed 70 times.
  7. Turning the Key - Meera Sundararajan - 59 votes, viewed 255 times.
  8. Well-read Threat - Swetha Sadanand - 30 votes, viewed 42 times.
  9. Breaking Free - Swati Sarangi - 24 votes, viewed 72 times.
  10. The Light at the End of Dark Tunnel - K Parthasarathi - 18 votes, viewed 39 times.
  11. Silence Feeds the Violence - Dr. Anita Sabat - 16 votes, viewed 75 times.
  12. Rain and Tears - Swati Sarangi - 15 votes, viewed 54 times.
  13. A Childhood Lost - Sumana Saha - 10 votes, viewed 85 times.

There will be three winning entries.
1. First Prize: Amazon gift voucher of 3500 INR and a book (paperback) of the winner’s choice. (And a free copy of Time Heals)
2. Second Prize: Amazon gift voucher of 2500 INR (And a free copy of Time Heals)
3. Third Prize: Amazon gift voucher of 1500 INR (And a free copy of Time Heals)

First Prize Winner: Sunita Ramaswamy - The Stalker
Second Prize Winner: Bertram Allan Mulin - Instant Sparks
Third Prize Winner: Chetan Dubey - A World Lost.

When I shortlisted thirteen entries; for me, all of them were winners. The first three HAD TO BE chosen by Public because it was going to be a difficult choice for me. I know, there might be few participants who might not be happy with the voting poll idea; even I have never been good with getting/asking for votes.
My apologies to those who feel this is unfair.

I have decided to give consolation prizes of 500 INR each and a copy of Time Heals to the participants who do not find themselves in top three, Chetan Dubey excluded for fourth position because he is one of top three and only one consolation prize for Swati Sarangi, despite two shortlisted entries.

The participants will be contacted OFFICIALLY soon for their details such as the email address they wish to receive the Amazon gift voucher on (or as code on whatsapp) and their shipping address; Sunita Ramaswamy for her choice of Paperback.

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