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Who knows what you might learn from taking a chance on conversation with a stranger? Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find the others.  - Timothy Leary

Sometimes we have something on our mind that we cannot share with anyone, not even closest friend. Carrying around the weight of those thoughts on your mind is mentally draining. At such times, it is a good option to turn to strangers to unload those thoughts. Just talking about what is bothering you, putting it out in the open in front of a stranger who would not judge you is a relief - the stress you carry on your shoulders, the worries that give you physical pain are gotten rid of. The process of healing begins when you share the hurt, even the guilt.

Sometimes, strangers have perfect solutions for your problems; sometimes, strangers help you to discover yourself - the potential you have to face the tough situations.

Sometimes, a third person's perspective on your problems, including relationship issues gives you clarity. What you cannot see as an individual involved in the relationship, you gain insight when shared with a stranger - who can assess the situation without any bias. Sometimes, you need a nudge from a stranger to take an initiative - to start or end a relationship. Sometimes, hearing 'you are wrong' from a stranger might seem more acceptable than hearing it from your friend. 'It is possible' does not seem like something that is said only to make you feel better.

Consider me that stranger and say whatever you want to.

About the form:

Name: Helps to form a bond. Though, you can stay anonymous if that is how you want it to be.  

Email: Share your email address if you want a reply from me.  

Conversation: Whatever it is that you wish to say, you can write here. I promise this conversation will be between just the two of us. I also promise not to judge you based on what you share here. My business here is to listen to what you have to say so that you feel better.  

Photograph: Your face and body language speak more than you think. Your eyes are windows to your soul and your face tells stories of your life, all that you have endured, your hopes, your dreams, your joy and your pain. Body language talks about your attitude towards life. If you are writing to me regarding a relationship, it would really help if you share your photo with the concerned person.

May God give you the strength to face challenges, courage to accept your mistakes and last but not the least - May He give you peace of mind. We all deserve it.

*Further communication is usually transferred to chat (see button below) as per the convenience of the concerned individual after scheduling the chat time. If not, it's continued via email.

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